Uma dica pro pessoal de dieta – Going on a diet around here – AND COOKING

Just a hint – Xylitol is IDENTICAL – and I mean IDENTICAL – to sugar in recipes. It is low GI, made of veggies and a great sub for sugar.
Cook with it, and you can eat with less guilt.
The only problem is the price… but then again…


Pesos e Medidas (measurements & such)

1 Litro
4 copos americanos
1000 ml
1 Xícara
16 colheres (sopa)
240 ml
1 Colher (sopa)
3 colheres (chá)
15 ml
1 Colher (chá)
1/3 colher (sopa)
5 ml


Ingredientes (1 Xícara de chá)
Açúcar 160 g
Araruta 150 g
Arroz cru 210 g
Amêndoas, nozes e castanhas. 140 g
Aveia 80 g
Banha 230 g
Chocolate em pó 90 g
Coco seco ralado 80 g
Farinha de mandioca 150 g
Farinha de rosca 80 g
Farinha de Trigo 120 g
Fubá 120g
Maisena 150 g
Manteiga 230 g
Mel 300 g
Polvilho 150 g
Queijo ralado 80 g
Uva Passa 140 g

Equivalências (g)
1 litro equivale a 6 xícaras(chá) ou 4 copos
1 garrafa equivale a 3 e ½ xícaras(chá) ou 2 e ½ copos
1 copo de água comum equivale a 250 g
1 prato fundo nivelado equivale a 200 g
1 xícara (chá) de liquido equivale a 150 g ou 20 colheres (sopa)
1 xícara de chá rasa de açúcar equivale a 120 gramas
¼ xícara de chá de liquido equivale a 5 colheres (sopa)
1/3 xícara de chá de liquido equivale a 6 colheres (sopa)
1/2 xícara de chá de liquido equivale a 10 colheres (sopa)
2/3 xícara de chá de liquido equivale a 12 colheres (sopa)
¾ xícara de chá de liquido equivale a 15 colheres (sopa)
1 cálice equivale a 9 colheres de sopa de liquido
1 quilo equivale a 5 e ¾ Xícaras de chá
250 g de manteiga equivale a 1 e ¼ Xícara de chá
¼ de xícara de chá de manteiga ou margarina equivale a 4 colheres de sopa
1 xícara de chá de amendoim torrado equivale a 140 gramas
1 xícara de chá de farinha de rosca equivale a 150 gramas
1 colher se sopa de farinha de rosca equivale a 11 gramas
1 xícara de chá de coco ralado seco equivale a 75 gramas
1 xícara de chá de óleo equivale a 170 gramas
1 colher de sopa de óleo equivale a 10 gramas
1 colher se sopa de sal equivale a 13 gramas
1 colher de chá de sal equivale a 5 gramas
1 colher de sopa de fermento em pó equivale a 12 gramas
1 colher de chá de fermento em pó equivale a 5 gramas
1 xícara de chá de maisena equivale a 120 gramas
1 colher de sopa de maisena equivale a 8 gramas
1 colher de chá de maisena equivale a 2 gramas
1 pitada é o tanto que se pode segurar entre as pontas de dois dedos ou 1/8 de colher

Líquidos(leite, água, óleo, bebidas alcoólicas, café, etc.) (ml)
1 Xícara 240 ml
½ xícara 120 ml
1/3 xícara 80 ml
¼ xícara 60 ml
1 colher sopa 15 ml
1 colher chá 5 ml


Chocolate em pó(cacau em pó)
1 Xícara 90 g
½ xícara 45 g
1/3 xícara 30 g
¼ xícara 20 g
1 colher sopa 6 g

Manteiga(margarina e gordura vegetal)
1 xícara 200 g
½ xícara 100g
1/3 xícara 65 g
¼ xícara 16g
1 colher de sopa 20 g

1 Xícara 180 g
½ xícara 90 g
1/3 xícara 60 g
¼ xícara 45 g
1 colher sopa 12 g
1 colher de chá 4 g

Farinha de trigo
1 Xícara 120 g
½ xícara 60 g
1/3 xícara 40 g
¼ xícara 30g
1 colher de sopa 10 g
1 colher de chá 3 g

 I just HAD to have it. Can’t remember the name od the site it came from – it is VERY handy. VERY !

Condensed Milk Sequilho (No translation I know of… you will have to trust me on this one)

600g Corn flour
2 eggs
80g Caster Sugar
100g margarine (room temperature)
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
200 ml Condensed Milk (WARNING – the can is 395 ml… )
50g flour

Here’s the thing though… first time I made this recipe, no one warned me, and I plumped the whole condensed milk can in the batter… adding about 1 or 2 tablespoons of corn flour fixed the batter and I LOOOOVED the result !!

For the sake of sticking to the recipe I am publishing it as I was given – but if you are adventurous, the whole can + 2 spoons will turn out DELISH !
DSC_8195Add the corn flour to whatever container you use with your beater. Add the sugar and the eggs and mix really well.
Add the flour and the condensed milk in a continuous drip, mixing it as you go…
The dough will have a dry consistency, not very liquidy…

Make little balls – about 2 cms in diameter and bake in pre heated 180C (350F) oven for about 15 minutes.

The kick ? Make them one day in advance – they are SO much more yummy the day after !

Even though these “cookies” are made with condensed milk they do NOT turn out very sweet – I have tried using Condensed Milk Light and the result was awful. Resist the temptation and use the the real thing. I guarantee it. 



Apparently, queijadinha is originally from Portugal – a sweet yummy confect ion, very easy to make and incredibly soft and light. I know it from Brazil – where you can buy them from vendors at the beach. Actually, the “posh” version of this delicacy is not as delicious as the one bought and consumed in the white sands of a Brazilian beach. Isn’t it always how it goes ?
Here’s the recipe with Aussie ingredients:

300g Caster Sugar
350g of shredded Coconut
100g of white flour
30g of fresh grated cheese
5 whole eggs
75g of butter or margarine (I use butter in all my recipes)
enough whole milk to make the dough liquidy (about 1 cup)

Beat the sugar and eggs until the mixture is light yellow… Add the eggs, one by one, always beating the dough… Add the flour spoon by spoon making sure it is completely incorporated. Melt the butter and leave it aside to cool a little…

Keep beating and add the margarine and the coconut. Beat for about 5 minutes and then add the milk little by little until the dough reaches the consistency of a liquid porridge.
Place the dough onto muffin paper cups and bake in pre heated 180C oven for about 30 minutes.
Optional : I make a sugar syrup (1 cup of water, 2 cups sugar, boiled for 5 minutes) and add a teaspoon to the top of the queijadinhas while warm.

Pão de Queijo (cheese bread, cheese pufss, cheese buns – did I forget any ??)

Making Pão de Queijo has become an obsession to me ! LOL Not because I am so inclined, but because my family give me constant ultimatum and I simply HAVE to make them. Period.

This is the best one I have so far – and the most similar to the Pão de Queijo Mineiro – but bare in mind it is just an approximation… My aunt sent me the recipe from São Paulo eons ago, but since the cured cheese she had in there was not available, I experimented with a few… Half Pecorino, half mozzarella is what has worked the best in my experience… next I will try Cheddar – and shall report fail or pass…


500g of tapioca starch (found at Asian stores, looks like this:DSC_8208
salt to taste (I use about 1 teaspoon)
300 ml of whole milk
150 ml of Canola oil
2 large eggs
500g of grated cheese (I use 250g mozzarella, 250g pecorino)

Place the tapioca in the beater, then warm the milk, salt and oil… Remove the mixture as soon as it boils and add it to the tapioca, mixing well.
IMPORTANT – let it cool and rest.
Really – the bread will not “puff” if you skip this step… it takes about 30 mins, so take this step into consideration if making the dish for a given event.

When cooled, add the eggs, one by one and mixing well to make sure it is completely incorporated. Add the cheese in the same fashion.

I find that letting it rest for another 10 minutes of so improves the recipe – you may want to slip this step… up to you.
Make little balls, about 1 teaspoon in size and bake in pre-heated 180C degree oven (350 F) for about 10 to 15 minutes or until slightly browned.

Stop eating after the 10th one if you can … (yields about 50 units, depending on the size of your teaspoon).